Buy Fennec Fox Online

Buy Fennec Fox Online

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Sex: Male
Species: Fennec Fox



Buy Fennec Fox Online

Buy Fennec Fox Online. We have in our care baby FENNEC FOX KITS they are very tame and are simply gorgeous. They have just weaned and are eating solids the hard work is done!! We have males available but the number is limited. Contact us to get yours and they are all very friendly with pets and kids at home.

This is only a deposit for the selected animal. The purchase price of the animal is listed next to the animal’s name. This deposit is nonrefundable and will be deducted from the total price of the animal. 

A 4% processing fee has been added to your deposit. This fee does not go toward your purchase total. For example, if $208 is paid, $200 is your deposit amount that is deducted from your total, and the additional $8 is the processing fee. Processing fees are waived for deposits under $200.

Remaining balance is due by the listed Ready Date of the animal. Ready dates are only estimates and are not guaranteed. You must check your local laws regarding exotic animal ownership. If we find out that the animal you reserved is not legal in your area, we will cancel the sale and you will forfeit your deposit!

Fennec Fox For Sale Near Me

Your adoption application for the animal requested must be submitted and approved before the reservation is confirmed. Declined applications, or failure to submit the appropriate application within 1 hour will result in refusal of the sale and your deposit refunded.

Where To Buy Fennec Kits In 2022

Buy your cute and homed trained from Cute Exotic Pets. We have the best quality hand raised and home trained fennec baby for sale at very affordable prices. All our fennec kits come with a one year health guarantee and a manual guide to help you understand everything about these particular babies.


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