Female Striped Skunk For Sale

Female Striped Skunk For Sale


Striped skunks are the biggest of the skunk species. They are easily identifiable by the white stripe running from head to tail and each individual has a unique pattern of stripes. Skunks are intelligent and usually good natured.



Female Striped Skunk For Sale

Female Striped Skunk For Sale , Skunks are intelligent and usually good natured. As members of the weasel family Mustelidae, they share the characteristics of a musky odor and well-developed scent glands. The skunk excels at this potential and can discharge a foul-smelling fluid as a means of defense. Its scientific name, mephitis, in Latin means “bad odor”. Most skunks do not survive their first year because of infectious disease and severe weather conditions. If they do survive, in the wild they can live for up to 7 years, and in captivity up to 10 years. They can run as fast as 16km/h

Skunks, easily identifiable by their characteristic black and white striping, are infamous for producing a foul odor when frightened. Although a skunk’s spray is known mostly for its robust smell, it can also cause intense discomfort if it gets into a person or animal’s eyes. Female Striped Skunk For Sale

Fortunately, these mild-mannered creatures rarely use this potent defense, and provide quite a few benefits to the areas they inhabit.

In cases where eviction is necessary, a few mild harassment and deterrence techniques can help you humanely remove skunks while escaping smell-free.

Female Striped Skunk Tolerance

Because of the lingering odor, and fear of being sprayed it may be hard for some people to tolerate skunks living under a deck or old shed. But skunks need shelter when they are most vulnerable (during the coldest parts of the winter and when raising young).

The nocturnal habits of skunks, their non-aggressive nature and the beneficial role they play are all good reasons to leave them alone until they have moved on their own accord (which they readily do) or can safely be encouraged to leave an area where they are not wanted.

Skunks Habitat modification

Skunks are opportunists at heart — they’re mainly attracted to low-hanging fruit like garbage and pet food left out at night, as well as convenient denning sites, such as wood and rock piles, elevated sheds, openings under concrete slabs and porches and crawl spaces.


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